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Welcome to Intelligent Assistant - say it and get it!
Welcome to Intelligent Assistant - say it and get it!
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providing businesses with Intelligent Assistant™ technology


... you missed an important client booking
... your staff are frantic taking orders and miss a call
... you don't have time to repeat all that info again
... they called the next number in yellow pages

 ... your business needs an Intelligent Assistant™ ! 

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$3.97 /month Business Web Hosting 
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Globaltech Interphone
handle 4 phone lines without a PABX 
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A phone for free calls worldwide
2-in-1 Internet and ordinary cordless phone in one - using Skype 
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Call Recorder Intelligent Assistant
-to record all your phone calls with your PC sound card
Web www.intelligentassistant.com

The automated telephone call handling systems using Intelligent Assistant technology will give your business the edge over your competitors. Our technology is there to intelligently assist your business so you need never miss another call again, and your clients and suppliers can access information or services from your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Receptionist TINA with Intelligent Assistant modules can ...More

Here are a few examples of where automated phone call handling can take your business: 

Does your business take bookings? Does your business take orders? Does your business need to be profitable?
-Restaurant Takeaways
-Inventory Order
-Quotation Order
-Medium Business
-Small Business
-Time and attendance
-Parking Stations
Booking Intelligent Assistant -
download this to hear a theatre booking sample
Ordering Intelligent Assistant -
this is to hear an inventory order
Receptionist  -
  download this to hear the call handling auto attendant sample.
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